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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Japanese Chutzpah?

Japan Says U.S. House Vote on Wartime Sex Slavery Regrettable

July 31 (Bloomberg)

Japan said it's regrettable the U.S. House of Representatives demanded the country officially apologize for its role in recruiting as many as 200,000 women into sexual slavery before and during World War II.

The House yesterday approved a resolution calling on Japan's Prime Mminister Shinzo Abe, to publicly apologize.

It's "regrettable," Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Shiozaki said at a regular press conference in Tokyo today.

Bagelblogger: I would have thought the forced prostitution and the consequences on the lives of thousands of women to be somewhat more 'regrettable'.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hamas Heroes: A Piece of Prose to Ponder

Hamas Heros

Beaman's World

I rarely chose to feature poetry on Mr Bagel News. The simple fact is this is a great bit of prose and its right on the mark.

Beeb!* Your bold reporter is free! --
Released, like the poor canary
From a dark cave of perdition
That is Gaza. Let’s all rejoice!

Laughter burns. Loud cheers smoke the air.
Politicians cry relief
Along with the Press. Saviours
Misunderstood -- thank you Hamas!

Haniyeh, the broker, the brave,
the honest man, freedom fighter,
A face with which the world can side
Against the fabled terrorists.

Let us forget the Hamas charter
Of hate, the killings, the rockets,
Their harsh Sharia, and Shalit
Who slowly dies while all applaud.

By Beaman

*Beeb = BBC

Make sure you check out the full article: Hamas Heroes

with thanks to Beaman's World


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