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Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Cost of Freedom?

Chaim from Freedoms Cost was interviewed a few nights back in a talk back segment, by Rabbi Yaakov Spivak in New York on 'Talkline' [620 on the am dial]. The discussion was loosely based on Chaim's experiences being in Jerusalem at the Kotel the week of Unification in 1967. [Shavuot 1967]

Chaim makes no apoligies for being Pro Israel, and it would seem he attracted a few apologists who would like to make a lot of apologies. It was a very heated debate, and provides some insight into just how controversial this 'theme' is in some New York house holds. Its an hour show, its about 12.8 mb download but I throughly recommend it.

Reference: Intense Radio


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

US Ambassador Richard Jones:
US was merciful to Pollard by
not executing him

Mr Bagel has managed to get the video of Richard Jones stating that the US was merciful to Pollard by not executing him.

There's a lot that has been written of this in the press in the last few days, but there seems to have been one point all the Press has missed.

Some of the Israeli media have conjectured that Richard Jones reactions and statements show a clear bias against Israel and may even verge on being 'anti Semitic'.

Well I'd like to bring your attention to one major point missed by most of the media.

If you watch this video you will see exactly what Richard Jones thinks of Israel.

If the video doesn't play click this link:
US Ambassador: US was merciful to Pollard not executing him

The Ambassador in this video apart for some blatant lies, clearly states:
"I really think that it has to do with the basic fact that this person committed treason against his own country.
I know he was helping a friend, but that's what makes it even more emotional for Americans;
that a friend would cooperate in aiding and abetting someone who is committing treason against his own country"

Its not enough that this slime ball attacks Jonathon pollard, in a way Pollard is unable to come to his own defense, but what is of even more of a gigantic deal of chutzpah is that he has the Gaul to to attack Israel for 'co -operating in aiding and abetting someone who is committing treason'.

Let's put this in historical perspective. Israel had a signed agreement with the Americans to share high level intelligence with each other.

Pollards passing of information clearly showed that America was reneging on this agreement.

Not that that is ever something unusual for America, but it was metering out its intelligence as it saw fit, suiting its own agenda in the Middle East, it wasn't sharing intelligence in a way that a partner would.

If there was any betrayal it was with the American intelligence agencies reticence in sharing what was critically information regarding Nuclear armaments status and strategic readiness for military confrontation.

The Chutzpah of this S.O.B is astounding.

This sad and sorry affair is beyond comprehension. Pollard has served 22 years, he has expressed remorse countless times, this man's life wastes away in Jail because politicians want to play football with his life.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

If I forget thee… A very personal recollection

If I forget thee...
Chaim from Freedom's Choice has had a rather moving post of his featured on JPost.

He wrote it back in 2006 to celebrate Jerusalem Day.

Its definitely
worth the read.

The JPost essay is here: If I forget thee…
A very personal recollection

The original post: If I forget thee… A very personal recollection

For more background on Jerusalem day:
The Knesset: Jerusalem Day - A Historical Introduction

Picture Credit: Knesset.gov


Thursday, May 3, 2007

Time to Put Shimon Peres Out to Pasture ! [Yid with Lid]

I had to laugh with Yid With Lid's analysis on the goings on now that the rats are leaving the sinking ship captained by Captain Olmert Omelette.

Check it out its a good laugh.

Time to Put Shimon Peres Out to Pasture !

Picture Credit: Cartoon of Shimon Peres, Oleg


Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Aussie Dave Confronts the spin on the Mufti of Mayhem: Sheik Hilaly

Aussie Dave reports on the spin the Australian Newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald, is putting on the Mufti of Mayhem Sheik Hilaly

From S.M.H
...Generally reviled in Jewish circles for his comments on Israel and the Holocaust, Hilaly says he is now prepared to take a more conciliatory line. "What our Jewish brothers and sisters in Australia and the world over need to know is that I respect Judaism as a faith and I would not be a Muslim unless I believed in and respected the prophet Moses, peace be upon him. As an Arab, I am a Semite one hundred per cent."

But he still treads a fine line that many may continue to see as racist. "I condemn and deplore the Holocaust and all the massacres that the Jews faced at the hands of the Nazis," Hilaly says. "However, I, like many researchers in the world, shy off the number of innocent victims that had been estimated at 6 million. I, along with many rational Jews, reject the Zionist ideology that is based on racism and looking down on those who are not Zionist."

Bagelblogger: As an Australian I consider this person to be close to the highest National security threat we currently have.

Make sure you check out Aussie Dave's wrap up at IsraellyCool


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